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Expectations if your child is unwell

We are delighted with how well the children (and parents!) have adapted to the changes when school re-opened this week.


Below are the expectations if your child is unwell, particularly if they exhibit any of the symptoms of Coronavirus.


  • If your child shows any of the symptoms of Coronavirus (a new cough, a high temperature, loss of sense of smell or taste) you should get them tested as soon as possible. 
    • It is important to get the test done within the first five days of having symptoms. 
    • Stay at home and do not have visitors until you get the test result – only leave home to have a test. 
    • Anyone living in your household should also stay at home until you get the result. 
    • If the test result is negative, as soon as they are well enough, children may return to school.
  • If your child shows symptoms of Coronavirus whilst at school, we will telephone you to come and collect them.  You must then get them tested as soon as possible.


  • We appreciate that not every child with a cough or high temperature will have the virus, but I am sure you will understand that we have to act on the side of caution so we will ask you to collect your child and get them tested if they exhibit any of the symptoms.


  • Naturally, children will continue to have other illnesses not connected with Coronavirus at all.  Please follow our usual procedures if your child is unwell for any other reason and phone us to let us know that they won’t be coming into school and the reason why. 


It is vital that we all follow the guidelines in order to keep our school, and community safe.


Thank you for your on-going support.