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White Rose Maths

In year 1 we follow the White Rose Maths(WRM) planning and WRM in partnership with the BBC Bitesize Daily team have developed a 12-week learning programme for the summer term. This scheme is designed to help children be ready for their next year of school.

Each week they are adding a series of five maths lesson for year 1. Every lesson comes with a short video showing you clearly and simply how to help your child to complete the activity successfully.  Some of the work set out here is new learning for year 1 (i.e. we have not taught this in school as of yet) so parts of this may be tricky or require some extra support. The idea is you watch the PowerPoint provided and then complete the lesson activity downloadable to the right hand side. The answers are there too. No peeking, adults only! Remember again, you have the option to give this a go if you would like to and you must remember mummies and daddies might be busy working too! 


Below is the link to WRM Home Learning Lessons for year 1.


Wk bg: 06/07/2020 This week I am challenging you to try something different and learn a new skill- numbers in British sign Language! Remember X means 'lots of' 5 x 2 = 5 lots of 2 (counting in 2s, 5 times = 10) Have fun with it and maybe you could come up with some of your own sign language sums.

Wk bg: 22/06/2020 Measuring time. What can you do in a minute? What can you do in 5 minutes? How long does it take you to eat your dinner? What can you achieve in 1 hour?

Wk bg: 15/06/2020 Problem Solving this week Year 1! I want you to use your knowledge of number and place value to help Bee-bot solve some of these tricky maths problems. Where it says 'explain your answer', practice recording your thoughts in full super sentences.

Wk bg: 08/06/2020 This week I have attached a Maths workbok for you to have a go at. These activities will help to embed previous learning already acquired in year 1. I know you will do a fantastic job at tackling the challenges this week.

Wk bg: 01/06/2020 Keep active and keep those brains working year 1! Another active maths activity for you to give a try. Remember we have already learnt to count in 2s, 5s and 10s, apply these skills to help you count out big numbers quickly and accurately. Good luck!

Wk bg: 18/05/2020 It's set to be fantastic weather this week Year 1, so maybe we could take advantage of the beautiful sunshine, or find a fun place to play indoors. This weeks maths challenge, is to make your own den, in order to work on your problem solving skills. I want to see you measuring; how tall is your den? How long is your den? How many people can fit inside? What is you doubled it in size? Have fun Year 1 and I look forward to seeing what you come up with.

Wk bg: 11/05/2020 I want to see you take your learning outside this week Year 1! Enjoy lots of number hunt activities and let me know what you find. How many lamp posts can you count on your way? How many houses make up one row?

Wk bg: 04/05/2020 Time to get up about Year 1! I want to see your completed Maths on the Move challenges. Check it out below and let me know how you get on. Have fun!