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Make a wind twirler

Make a Wind Twirler for your garden or balcony it looks really pretty and such an easy task to do.  I am going to look for twigs today (Friday 26th June 2020) and make my twirler.  I will also upload some photos later.  Send your photos in too and we can make a 'twirler gallery'.

Mrs Snape wink


Click the link to find out how to make them - https://classroom.thenational.academy/lessons/the-world-around-us-wind-whirlers-primary

I found lots of twigs on my way to Abbey Ruins and also some nice ones in the woodland area of the Ruins. I brought them home and set them out on my balcony. I then measured the length with the string 3 times. Tying the knots around each twig was tricky but I persevered. Lastly I put it up on a hook on my balcony and watched it twirl with the breeze.