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Junior Citizen Presentation

Many apologies again for the technical issues this morning.

Here is the updated link, so that you can watch the presentation at your leisure. 

This one works, but you can ignore the first 15 mins of silence !!!



Some work for you to try (choose one):

Make a poster/leaflet explaining the main points from one of the scenarios.

Write a short story with one of these themes:   

The day I saw the knife.

The dog snarled at me...

The busy platform.

Write a new rhyme or poem that would help you remember something from a scenario


Junior Citizenship Schemes have been running for years and are a unique and invaluable opportunity for Year 6 children to learn citizenship messages and life skills directly from the experts. 

So, we were due to have an interactive Junior Citizen presentation in class this Wednesday (13th Jan), where we would have watched 5 short scenes set up by the organisations below. 

However, not being in school has meant that this is unable to go ahead as planned. So the organisers have given us a 'vimeo link' which will go 'live' at 9.30 on Wednesday. So at least, we can all watch the presentations individually from home. Please note: it is intended for Year 6 and may not be suitable for younger children. If it goes well, I plan to set some work as a follow-on.

The following organisations are taking part:

  • Metropolitan Police,
  • London Fire Brigade, 
  • London Ambulance Service,
  • The Blue Cross
  • London Transport Museum STARS Team

Hopefully, lots of you will access it and it'll be worthwhile.