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Last week we learnt about how a non-chronological report is structured. So this week I'd like you to write a non-chronological report about something you really like. It can be anything! Just make sure it's something that you will be able to write a number of facts about. So for example you might choose to write about space, or a favourite football club or even a pop star! Just make sure the layout is correct.


This doesn't need to be massively long (at least a page), but needs to include at least 4 facts, fully explained, each in their own paragraphs.


Challenging bit:


You will need to use brackets in your writing to include extra information (such as dates or just interesting facts) in your work.

Some reading comprehension

Questions for the above reading


1) Name a reason not to destroy rainforests given in the introductory paragraph.


2) Name one of the three ways given that a rainforest can be destroyed.


3) In the fact file, what does the author say will happen in the next quarter of a century?


4) Why does saving paper help the rainforests?


5) Why has the author used an exclamation mark in the 'Deforestation' paragraph?


6) In the third paragraph the author refers to palm oil as a 'valuable commodity', what is a 'valuable commodity'?


7) What is the main reason that deforestation is happening?


8) In the 'How can they be saved?' paragraph, why do you think that the author has asked questions?