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This week's reading comprehension is about Roald Dahl

1. What do you think inspired Roald’s love of stories?


2. What does ‘all-powerful Matron’ mean? What characteristics might she have had?


3. Use the text to explain how a young boy might have felt about the Headmaster at
this school.


4. In your own words, explain what “quite incapable of marshalling his thoughts on
paper” means.


5. How do you think the chocolate testing experience inspired ‘Charlie and the Chocolate


6. Explain why he had to leave the RAF.


7. How did Roald start writing children’s stories?


8. In your own words, explain what Dahl thought a writer needed to do if they were going
to write books for children.


9. What does “books shouldn’t be daunting” mean?


10. Why do you think learning to be a reader could give someone a “terrific advantage”?