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Aut 2.5

Our final week on Electricity has seen us trying to change the brightness of bulbs in circuits. The easiest solution was just to add more battery power. But there were other solutions.


"This afternoon we were learning how to make a bulb brighter or dimmer.

I must admit it was hard, but next time I'll try my best to do it."



Eventually, a few groups were able to make a parallel circuit

to have both bulbs brightly lit at the same time.

Last week, we read the poem 'We are birds of the same nest' by Atharva Veda which helped us to appreciate the feelings of refugees who just want to be treated the same as everyone else. This week, we tried to write our own poems using the same style.


" I liked writing about refugees as we can express that they are the same like us. 

We strive together in hope and peace." 


Wisdom's Poem