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Aut 2.4

Some of Year 6 were 'shocked' to see the Electricity Resources box at the back of the classroom

this week. But, having recovered, they proceeded to make circuits. 


The first challenge was just to make one bulb light.

Next, two bulbs lit with a switch to turn them on and off.

Finally, the last challenge was to have the two bulbs connected

so that each could be switched on and off independently from the other.


"I really enjoyed trying to make my circuit in Science."



We took some photos of our circuits to show what we had done.

Fortunately, our Science knowledge is better than our photography!

(Photos available in Science folder on main page)

We have finished our WW1 project and will move forward to WW2 next.


"I like learning about the World Wars, because it teaches us more about life in the olden days."



We did some punctuation work this week looking at semi-colons and hyphens.

Already we're quite good at spotting them in our reading books

and Mr Fisher is hoping to see them appearing in our written work too! 


"We're doing hyphens. You can use them to make new words

and, in a book, you use one if the whole long word doesn't fit on a line"