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Aut 2.2

Another busy week focused on Remembrance and events of World War One, with a sprinkle of practice tests for good measure.

We looked at the work of artist Jacqueline Hurley and tried to use her style to inspire our own paintings. (Click on the Art/Dt folder on the main page to see our work)


"I really enjoyed doing art on WW1 this week; I really liked my final picture."



We read some extracts from Michael Foreman's book "War Game", which included the inspirational story of how enemy soldiers sang carols and played friendly games of football in 'no man's land' on Christmas Day 1914. We also researched some of the key events of World War One from the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand in June 1914 to the signing of the Armistice agreement in November 1918.

On a lighter note.... we've been trying to get fitter. After our fitness assessments last week, we completed a 'cardio-fitness circuit', which was hard work but fun.


" I enjoyed PE this week, doing the cardio work was great."