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Aut 2.1

Welcome to a new half term with Year 6. Some topics to look out for in this term:

                              HISTORY: The World Wars - with a local focus

                              SCIENCE: Electricity

                              MUSIC: Jazz - percussion performance

                              ART: Remembrance Painting - inspired by Jacqueline Hurley


Already it's been pretty hectic, 14 children have been cycling out on the local roads and have achieved their 'LEVEL 2 BIKEABILITY' awards. Well done to them all.


"I really enjoyed doing Bikeability, especially riding all the way to Southmere Lake."



"It was fun. We learned lots of new skills and how to go on the roads safely."



"Thanks to Mrs Creasey, who organises it all, I now know how to ride a bike on the road safely."



" I think Bikeability was good because the instructors taught you how to ride a bike safely.

Thanks, Mrs Creasey."                  Frankie


Then on Wednesday, it seems that Year 6 were eager to go and fight in the trenches of World War One and attempted to sign up for the Army!  

Unfortunately, several of them were underage, under the height limit or suffered for other health issues. But with a little fibbing, some tippy-toe stretching and plenty of down-right cheekiness, it seems they managed to convince the Medical Officer that they were fit to join.

(Photos in History Folder on mainpage) 


Lily and Paola are looking forward to next week too.....


"We're learning about World War One and it's really fun because it helps us to understand the past."



"We are practising for our Remembrance paintings using mainly black and white with a bit of red for the poppies. We will do our main one next week."