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Aut 1.6

Wow !!  Another busy week for Year 6 in which we completed our wellbeing posters (see RRS/SoS/REd link on main page), made recycling leaflets (see Geography link on main page) and had a visiting presentation from the GaV (Growing against Violence) group.


"This week we had GaV (Growing against Violence) come to our school. They made me more aware about violence and how to avoid it. I enjoyed it very much!"


"We were told that in gangs girls are treated so badly that they get the blame for everything and the leader never gets the blame."



"In the GaV presentation, we learnt about gangs and how they might work from the boss at the top to the tinies (aged maybe 10-12) at the bottom."



Remember that next week we're celebrating Black History Month - I'm looking forward to hearing the presentations that some of you have been putting together.