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Year 6


What an 'enlightening' start to the year!


In Science, we have been studying LIGHT and SHADOWS. 


We've been looking at variables in Science experiments -

Independent (what we change); Dependent (what we measure or observe); Control (what we keep the same)


We looked at different criteria to test our ideas about what affects the size, shape and colour of a shadow.

Shadow investigations

It's finally arrived!


At last, the end of the summer holidays and the start of a new term...

Hooray, we hear the parents cry.....


The Year 6 team are ready for action.

Mr Fisher, Mrs Martin, Mrs Skinner and our new member, Mrs Afolabi, will lead the children through the excitement and perils of the final chapter of Northwood life.

Some areas of study that are coming your way.


Light and Shadows

Living Things and their Habitats

The Mayan Civilization

Mood and Atmosphere in Art


PE is on Wednesdays for Year 6, but please ensure that correct PE kit is in school all the time in case we feel like some exercise on a different day.

The Mathletics and Reading Eggs programs are up and running, so log in and practise some Maths and Reading whenever you can.


www.mathletics.co.uk      www.readingeggs.co.uk