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Stay and Learn

Each term we hold a 'Stay and Learn' session.  The sessions are an opportunity for parents and carers to join in with the learning in their child's class.

On 9th February 2018 we held our latest Stay and Learn session.  The focus of the session was Online Safety and parents from all year groups visited classes and joined in with games and activities around the subject of online safety.


We were delighted to receive some excellent feedback from the session - some examples are shown below along with photos taken.


"I was impressed by the level of discipline and the system of making the kids independently."  Class R parent


"The activities in the class help the children understand what they watch on teh computer which was good."  Class R parent


"I am impressed with the teaching about safety especially for children."  Year 1 parent


"Stay and Learn is an interactive way for parents to know ways information is passed to the children and I am happy this avenue is made available for us parents."  Year 1 parent


"I feel the stay and learn sessions are very beneficial to parents so we have an insight of how our children are taught - happy with Northwood."  Year 1 parent


"Very pleased to see Leyo is happy and learning at a good level in Year 2."  Year 2 parent


"I am impressed with what I saw today.  It was a very interactive session and all fun."  Year 1 parent


"It was an amazing session."  Year 2 parent


"I enjoy the stay and learn sessions to interact with my child's learning."  Year 2 parent


"I learnt a lot about computers and what children can do on them"  Year 3 parent


"So pleased to stay in the class and see how kids are nice and quiet when the teacher is talking."  Year 3 parent


"I found it very informative and made me aware of the benefits to kids."  Year 4 parent


"Great time again this morning!  Its always fun being here, no matter the topic of the day.  Thank you Mr E."  Year 4 parent


"I enjoyed the communication about Facebook and am very happy that I didn't miss it."  Year 5 parent


"I always enjoy coming in these lessons and can't believe after ten years they are coming to an end and I won't be coming any more."  Year 6 parent