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Stay and Learn

Each term we hold a 'Stay and Learn' session.  The sessions are an opportunity for parents and carers to join in with the learning in their child's class.

On 9th November 2017 we held our latest Stay and Learn session.  The focus of the session was Maths and parents from all year groups visited classes and joined in with Maths puzzles, games and activities.


We were delighted to receive some excellent feedback from the session - some examples are shown below along with photos taken.


"It was a vibrant, lively and creative atmosphere.  Everyone, including parents, seemed to have fun."  Class R parent


" Nice and ambient learning environment, the children were really involved in the learning process, very interactive."  Class R parent


"Very interesting to see how the teacher encouraged my son during the lesson."  Year 1 parent


"Really good learning environment, I am impressed.  Friendly teachers."  Year 1 parent


"My child is really flourishing in Year 2 and she loves school so much - it's an absolute pleasure to see!"  Year 2 parent


"I'm very impressed with Leyo's progress so far this year and his positive attitude to learning.  I would love to attend future Stay and Learn sessions."  Year 2 parent


"I always enjoy seeing how children learn.  It is a good idea to show parents what they have done in the classroom."  Year 3 parent


"I am happy the children's sense of reasoning is high."  Year 4 parent


"Very interesting to solve a series of puzzles with the kids.  It was most engaging, exciting and we all (parents and kids) thoroughly enjoyed participating.  Well done Mr E and Karen."  Year 4 parent


"Impressed, love it!"  Year 5 parent


"I was so impressed with the teachers and their teaching."  Year 5 parent


"Thoroughly enjoyed being in the group working as a team."  Year 6 parent


"A very good atmosphere to work around the children."  Year 6 parent