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Feedback received from one of our Reception Class parents on 16th December 2015:


"Thank you for all the amazing jobs you do, the effort and love you all have for every child is incredible!  Bradley has achieved so much already and so much of it is due to the support and encouragement from you at school."  

Below is some parents' feedback given following Stay and Learn on Friday 3rd July 2015:


Q: What learning impressed you today?


"The children were enthusiastic about their learning and really wanted to get the right answer".  Year 1 Mum


"How much fun the children have whilst learning".  Year 2 Mum


"It was really interesting watching the children follow instructions whilst having fun".  Year 2 Mum


"The skill and professional way teachers taught the children".  Reception Class Mum


"How the children can make up their own instructions (trying to get the best out of them)".  Year 2 Mum


"Really impressed that they know how to use programming with beebot".  Year 2 Mum


"The interesting way the children were learning while having fun".  Reception Class Dad


"Everything was very well set up to meet the children's needs".  Reception Class Mum


"Participation of children and their attention".  Year 2 Mum


"How happy the children were".  Year 3 Mum


"I was impressed by how the children have different forms of learning games".  Year 1 Mum


Q: Any other comments?


"I've attended all of year one stay and learns.  They have helped me understand / gain an insight of what's going on in class, which helps with doing homework".  Year 1 Mum 


"I always enjoy coming into class and seeing what Charlie is learning".  Year 2 Mum


"Very interesting for me, it is a pleasure coming".  Year 2 Mum


"Very impressed with progress made by the children since my last Stay and Learn visit".  Reception Class Dad


"The children learn so much through play while carrying out instructions".  Year 2 Mum


"Well done teachers!"  Year 2 Mum


"Very good class.  Very skilled and dutiful teachers".  Reception Class Mum


"It was a very informative session and it should be done more often".  Reception Class Mum


"I really enjoyed today's learning method".  Year 2 Mum


"Thank you for your support and the hard work that you provide every day".  Reception Class Mum


"It was lovely to interact with Ollie in his school environment".  Reception Class Mum


"Thanks for allowing me to take part in their learning.  Well done!".  Year 1 Dad


"Thank you for giving the kids a good start.  All efforts seen in their progress".  Year 1 Mum


"Well explained and engaging".  Year 2 Mum


"The teacher made sure all the children were carried along during the lessons".  Year 2 Mum