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Children's Camera Campaign

The problem of inconsiderate parking close to schools is a national issue.  


At Northwood we have had a few issues with parents parking on the zig zag lines and double parking.  Sometimes people have even parked across our neighbours’ drives.


There have also been occasions when some parents haven't actually parked their car; instead they just pull up in the road to enable children to exit the car.  


All of this is witnessed by our children and is completely unacceptable and dangerous.


We appreciate that the vast majority of our parents park safely and follow the Highway Code, but we still see dangerous parking close to the school.


These issues are not limited to Northwood; it is a typical problem which affects many schools.  In November 2015 Christ Church Primary School in Erith launched the Children's Camera Campaign, a National Campaign to urge the government to act to ensure the safety of all children across the country. The campaign focuses on getting cameras outside every school which will enable fines and points to be given even after the cars have moved on.


Christ Church School have set up a petition urging the Government to act upon this issue and we would ask parents to sign up and support the campaign by following the link: 




Thank you for your support for this very important issue.